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How does it work 

 We do not want to impose rules, but to give a general indication to spend carefree days of relaxation in safety, with or without your pet

- Can dogs of any size enter? YES, the beach is divided into zones with spaces for dogs of various sizes and needs

-Is there a way to see the beach / sea before leaving home or to book if the weather is uncertain? YES, our WebCamLive is available h24 here

-Do I have to bring the bowl or bags with me? In our structure there is everything you need, nothing prevents you from using your own accessories

-Can I attend the facility even without a dog? YES, our structure is open to all, there are beachfront beds and many other services, restaurant, bar, showers, changing rooms, toilets

-Can we book by phone? We invite you to download our free App here, where you can view available seats, prices and book in real time

-Can I go to the bar / restaurant with my dog? YES, if taken on a leash, with your dog you can access all the places of the structure

-I have my dog in heat, can I still come? For reasons of public order and respect for other customers with dogs, we kindly ask you to wait for the end of the heat of your puppy, before going to the beach

-Are documents required to take the dog to the beach? Pet owners are it is compulsory to bring

the dog's vaccination booklet

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